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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What kind of maids are available ?
Ans. Maids are available either 24 hours staying with you or morning till evening(i.e. 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.). 
2. What kind of work they generally do ?
Ans. All household work viz… cleaning, dusting, sweeping & soaping, cooking, child care, old persons care taker, office help, typing, driving, grocery shopping etc.
3. Are these maids literate?
Ans. Their education is average Vth to VIIth std
4. From where these maids come ?
Ans. They are either local people or come from nearby village in Maharashtra.
5. Do they have the experience of house hold work?
Ans. Yes, they have the experience of doing the work with previous employer excepting few cases. However every house has the different way of working which you may have to get him / her familiar.
6. Do they take the holidays?
Ans. Yes,they are entitle for 2 days holidays in a month which may be decided mutually.
7. What happens if the maid provided to us is not up to the mark OR she wants to leave the job and go back?.
Ans. We under take the responsibility of replacement of maid in such case up to 1 year from the date of joining the Ist maid.
8. What is the guarantee of the maid provided by the agency?
Ans.We provide the complete detail of the maid viz.. Copy of ration card, photograph and information of his / her where about. 
9. What are the areas where you can provide the maid ?
Ans. We provide the maid through out India.
10. What kind of contract do you offer for maid services?
Ans. We offer minimum 6 month up to 1 year contract. Contract can be renewed with 1 month advance notice.

11. How do I proceed to get the maid from your agency?
Ans. Please contact our "Helping the Needy" cell.




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